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Jul 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. these are so new they are pink. a pair of pandas, twins born early wednesday in china. mom is taking care of the first cub and researchers took the second to give it a check up. female cubs tip the scalessa the at just over five ounces, that's about the weight of a deck of cards. both of them are doing well tonight. >>> check this out. was it love at first site? this unlikely couple. a dolphin swims up to investigate. the kids from the dog. video -- posted on youtube. it has about 14 5,000 5,000 hit this is week movement if you are going to swim in illinois in the lake you can run into this. a fisherman caught the fish and thought it was a piranha. it's a fish that from the amazon. >>> great britain a report that two fisherman bled to death after this fish bit off their testicles. you all right? >> you know good news is they said that -- this fish won't live in the winter. he they will be gone president that's the good news. >>> the weather and the humidity, you don't like the humidity, well you aren't going to like this forecast. humid. we turn the temperature down. 88 degrees. chance
Jul 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
for two months. now the cub is up with its mom. >> a new mom and dad deliver twins on separate highways on long island this weekend. the first was delivered on southern state parkway after they pulled over to wait for the ambulance. once the ambulance they continued to the hospital and on the way the second baby came along and the family arrived, everybody healthy and the hard work out of the way. that's like having a baby in two different counties. >> covers the miles. >> all right. >> i got it. >> all right. >> that was cute. >> right. >> yeah. >> mom wants to check the baby out first. >> -- we will see. midday tomorrow. 83 and 86 at four in the afternoon. august like temperatures in the outlook. as we wrap up july. a better chance tuesday and late thursday. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation. wow. that feels really good! and now, sleep number introduces our new memory foam series the only memory foam beds with exclusive dual-air technology that adjusts on each side. memory foam just found its better half. sleep number. enjoy intr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2